Restaurant POS Kitchen Wallboard


Your wallboard is a touchscreen that keeps all open orders, from PoS and online shop, visible until complete and delivered to the wait staff or picked up by the customer.

The status for each dish on the order, and the order itself, can be quickly and easily updated from any wallboard – so if you have one or more in the kitchen, one in the bar, and one in the frontend, the relevant staff can quickly and easily update the system with each step in the process.

Quick and easy to learn, and giving brilliant transparency of the live order situation, the Restaurant POS Kitchen Wallboard is a massive asset to any restaurant.

The cost of $499 is to set-up and test the software.  There is no monthly subscription amount to be paid beyond your WebAdjusted Hospitality E-Commerce Package.  There is hardware that will need to be purchased and set-up depending on your needs – which we will discuss with you before processing your order for this add-on.

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This is where it all happens for a busy kitchen, or even a busy frontend.

The Restaurant POS Kitchen Wallboard is an add-on to the WebAdjusted Point of Sale System for hospitality - but can me customised for other e-commerce scenarios.

Whether you're the head chef coordinating the meals, or the frontend manager coordinating service, a touchscreen gives you easy visibility of what orders are pending, what dishes from various areas within the kitchen/bar are to come together, what's ready to be served/picked-up.

And you can have multiple Wallboards that all sync seamlessly.

View orders from your WebAdjusted Point of Sale system (including live orders taken at the table via tablet) and online orders from your WebAdjusted online shop, together in one easy vision to give you a complete understanding at a glance.

We have partnered with a reputable hardware supplier who ships and supports nationally - we can give you the requirements of the screen type you need (and you can shop anywhere), or we can recommend some specific models and our hardware supplier of choice can give you live pricing.

View all live orders on one or more screen ideally situated for the the head-chef and/or the restaurant manager to see easily.

Order status can be updated with a touch of any screen.

PoS & Online orders displayed together so the kitchen has full visibility.


Before processing your order, we’ll talk with you about where you might display your new Wallboard/s, who might use it and how, and what hardware options are available to you.