E-Commerce Training & Support Retainer

+ $149 online order fee / month

Secure ongoing expert support and training throughout your contract period. This retainer ensures you have direct access to our professional team for any additional guidance or help needed, beyond the initial setup. Keep your website running smoothly with peace of mind.

Key Features

  • Assistance required to manage/add content, products.
  • Training on product, order, and customer management.
  • On demand support for help with time sensitive customer related enquiries or orders.
  • Requests for updates/notifications provided within 48 hours of request.
  • May include requests to manage delivery/shipping block out periods and related changes to online operating times.

Please see features and inclusions tab for more info.

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Our 'E-Commerce Training and Support Retainer' package is a comprehensive, ongoing assistance package designed for clients who desire an extra layer of support and expertise throughout their contract term. Tailored to extend beyond initial training and support, this package offers up to 2 x 1 hour video training/support sessions per month, plus dedicated support for troubleshooting, and timely updates (such as holiday trading changes) to keep your website at its best.

We understand that managing a website can be a dynamic journey, and having reliable support at your fingertips is crucial. Our experienced team is committed to providing you with the insights, tools, and hands-on assistance needed to ensure your online presence remains robust and effective. Whether it's refining your skills, adapting to new trends, or resolving unexpected issues, our retainer service places our expertise in your corner.

With this add-on, you gain not just technical assistance, but a partnership aimed at empowering your online endeavours. We're here to help you navigate the evolving digital landscape with confidence, ensuring your website continues to thrive and achieve its objectives.

Cost: A monthly fee of $149 is added to your monthly invoice.

Excludes: Advanced SEO consultation (please see our SEO addon), full management of product updates (we can provide full training on how you can manage products updates, or an admin add-on can be applied to give you admin support by one of our team).  If you may need full written instructions after a session like this, you might be best to consider our E-Commerce Training & Support Bundle.

  1. Personalized Training Sessions: Tailored to your specific needs and skill level, ensuring you and your team can fully leverage your website’s potential. Training on product, order and customer management.
  2. Priority Support: Get prompt, dedicated assistance for any queries or issues, minimizing downtime and keeping your site performing optimally. Support for customer related queries.
  3. Regular Updates and Insights: Stay ahead of digital trends with regular updates, tips, and insights from our experienced team.
  4. Troubleshooting and Technical Help: Rapid response to any technical challenges, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted website operation.
  5. Empowerment through Knowledge: Gain valuable skills and insights that empower you to manage and evolve your website effectively.
  6. Flexible Assistance: Whether it’s a quick question or in-depth training, our team adapts to your unique requirements.
  7. Peace of Mind: Rest easy knowing that expert help is always just a call or email away, allowing you to focus on your core business.