Social Media Workshop


Gain the knowledge you specifically need to get on top, and stay on top, of your social media presence.

Individually designed workshops to cut to what’s important to you.

Talk about your business, your customer profile, your aspirations – not some generic guidelines to try to fit yourself to.

If the workshop is to create or review a social media plan, you’ll end up with that document ready to work from.  If it’s more specific information you’re amassing, we’ll summarise the content of the workshop in a document for your reference.

Key Features

You pick the topic: don’t waste your time talking about something you already know, or that isn’t important to you
We use your business, your customers and your aspirations: make it about you rather than some hypothetical
We’ll get it down for you: We’ll summarise the workshop in writing for you – and if the workshop is to create a social media plan, that’s exactly what we’ll deliver

By integrating the Social Media Workshop with your website or e-commerce site, you can ensure a cohesive and powerful online presence, leveraging the immense potential of social media to engage with your audience and grow your brand.  And if you need more, we also have a Social Media Admin add-on if you need us to actually do it for you.

Having an online presence today, without social media engagement, is a bit like having a delivery van with no signage on it... while it might work in some specific circumstances, anyone driven to grow their business will want as many avenues covered as possible.  But social media is yet another skill set you as a business owner needs to get your head around.  This is where the WebAdjusted Social Media Workshop comes in.

The workshop will be up to one hour, delivered via video call.  One hour can be a long time if you're learning something new, so we ensure that the topic is specifically targeted so that we can deliver a comprehensive coverage.  While we'll cover any social media topic you like, some good topic ideas to get you going include -

  • Establishing your social media plan (you'll even end up with an actual document to get you started)
  • Planning your website content to convert to social media posts
  • Determining your target audience
  • Determining the best social media channel to focus on
  • Reviewing your social media activity to increase engagement and conversions
  • Setting rules of engagement - how should you respond to both positive and negative reviews and feedback
  • Social Media results reporting and analysis so you know exactly what's happening

These workshops will give you a plan of attack.  There is also a Social Media Admin Session that you can add-on if you'd like someone to write your content and/or create your post in Canva... and even upload it via your social media profile.

  • Initial call to identify the specific topic of the workshop, and book the session
  • Workshop via video call for up to an hour
  • Documented outcome for you to reference moving forward

Scoping will be covered in the initial call where we determine the specific topic of the workshop.  But it would be more efficient if you had handy –

  • information on any social media profiles you already have for your business (with login details of you need us to access them)
  • a way to describe your target audience in a few sentences – who do you want to appeal to, and what might be important to them
  • visibility of any competitors in your area that you want to out-perform