The Best of Both Worlds

Ok, so picture this… a large room full of barefoot geniuses. Lots of bean bags, a ping pong table, more Marvel and Star Wars figurines than you can poke a stick at, and wherever you look cordless keyboards flash amazing cutting-edge content to large computer monitors on the walls… just what you need to digitalise your business! But what does a conversation sound like with these geniuses?

When you talk with WebAdjusted you’ll actually be talking with someone that has owned and managed a business – and has lived through the pressures. Someone with conversation skills who can ask you the right questions. Someone seeking first to understand you, your business, your customers and your direction. Someone who can help you with the digital strategy because you are already at capacity with the rest of your business – and someone who will then translate that strategy, on your behalf, to the barefoot geniuses that can make it all happen.

Call us, have a conversation with someone who is present for you, and let us worry about how to manage the bean bags. We’ll keep the fabulously complex, surprisingly simple.

What We Offer


From single page “static brochures” to interactive portals with intranet – and everything in between. Full hosting and management is included – you’ll never have to update anything yourself.

Online Shops

Let customers order online for click and collect or delivery. Wholesale customer options available. All popular payment gateways like Apple and Square. Own your own shop and never pay commissions.


Content Marketing & SEO

“Build it and they will come” right? – wrong!  Customers simply don’t find businesses without some sort of marketing.  We’ll walk the journey with you providing monthly strategies to improve your results.

POS Systems

Customizable for all retail and hospitality environments.  Able to work on wi-fi or mobile data, from computer, tablet or phone. Manage your sales process via multiple displays and printers.


Social Media

Love it or hate it – it’s here to stay.  But don’t know what to post – or where to post?  We can advice on strategy for you to implement yourself or we can take the reins and manage your social media presence on your behalf.

Web Apps

Do you have regular, repeat customers?  Your Web App, saved to the mobile homescreen of your regular customers, is how many people today expect to engage digitally – we can do this for you.

More Visits,

More Engagement,

More Sales

A great website and good digital management will lead to more visits from customers which means more leads, more engagement and more sales. 

> 60% Search on a Mobile

> 60% of internet searches originate from a mobile device. Your website must be mobile responsive and look great on a desktop, tablet and mobile phone.


When customers search on Google they want to see your website. When they search on Facebook they want to see your facebook site. We make it easier for customers to find you no matter what platform they are using. Find out more about our SEO services.

As of February 2019, greater than 80% of people in Australia alone were shopping online. COVID-19 has obviously seen this rate rise and its now more important than ever for business to consider their online services available to consumers.

< 30% Have Time to Manage

Most of our clients don’t have time to manage their online presence. We understand this – we are full service company providing you with as little or as much assistance and management of your digital services as you require.

Business Segments

Our services extend across a number of different business types and we offer specialised services depending on the needs of the business.


  • Online Booking services for Dine In customers
  • Online Menu Generation perfectly formatted for websites and across different digital devices
  • Point of Sale Solutions that integrate with your online orders so you can view and manage sales both in store and online
  • Thermal Printer integration so that your online orders can automatically print and be sent straight to the kitchen.

B2B & Wholesale

  • Separate Wholesale Login Functionality
  • Set specific wholesale prices that only wholesale customers can view
  • Set unique pricing for individual wholesale customers
  • Point of Sale Integration so you can manage your in store transactions and online sales from the same place. 

Independent Retail

  • Point of Sale Integration so you can manage your in store transactions and online sales from the same place.
  • Advanced reporting functionality so you can monitor sales performance across your in store and online sales, as well as by category, orders, and date. 
  • Advanced pricing options e.g. bulk discounting, 2 for 1 offers, coupon discounts etc.
  • Abandoned cart managment

Medical & Professional Services

  • Online Booking Facilities
  • Multiple email accounts 
  • Secure staff login portals
  • Integration of Office applications including intranet management

Trades & Industrial

  • Online Booking Facilities
  • Professional Email address
  • Click to call functionality direct from Website

Contact Us

If it's between 8am and 6pm Mon - Sat just give us a call on 1300 667 426.

And of course you can email anytime at

If you're trying to figure things out after hours, like many business owners do, let us know below when you'd like a call back, and the best number to reach you on...

Where are we?

The hub is based on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW but we service anywhere across Australia.