We Build Our Reputation on the Back of Good, Effective, & Reliable Service

About Us

We are, at our core, a family business.  Probably much like your business, we strive to build our reputation on the back of good, effective and reliable service.  We will measure our success by how long you choose to stay with us.  We have a balance of low overheads (so low cost) and enough resources to mean that you will never be left without support.  

Whether you are an owner/operator tradie, a professional firm, or the next big retail franchise – we’ll walk the journey with you. 

WebAdjusted exists to solve a problem that many businesses face in Australia.  For you to land on this page, and want to learn about us, you probably have a business with this problem – how do you compete online with large enterprise in a market where consumers find all their products and services through google? Even local services are found more and more by people doing google searches from their mobile phone. The reason large enterprise do so well is because they have an internal team of experts to develop and evolve their web presence – until now the average local business did not have the resources to employ their own internal web team.

Our mission is to create an even online playing field for all Australian businesses.  WebAdjusted is a team of designers, developers and advisors making large enterprise web tools affordable for local businesses. Your dedicated, plain talking, advisor will ensure your business can be found and look as good as your largest competitor when new customers are looking for you online. 


To explain how WebAdjusted approaches this mission we have included here some of the most frequently asked questions that we get about us. But of course, feel free to reach out if you have a question that isn’t answered here because the decision you make now about a web partner is more important than it has ever been before. 

Why would I need a “team”?

There are two answers to this question – 

  1. If you have a lone developer, you get the knowledge and experience of one person – if you have the synergies of a team then you get much more knowledge and much more experience 
  1. If you have a lone developer, what happens when they get crook, need to take a break, or take a different career path?  A team can give you continuity of support 
What would a dedicated advisor do for me?

Assigning you a Client Solutions Manager (CSM) is how we’ll deliver the real value for you.

In the initial stages, your CSM will orchestrate the website for you – that is, they’ll talk with you to get to know about your business, it’s history, it’s future. They’ll learn about your customers, your products, your services. They’ll help you identify what you want and need in a website and they’ll do it in jargon-free plain English. Then they’ll translate all that you want and need to the web tech team and they’ll remain as the interface between you and the tech team right throughout the process.

But this is really just the beginning. Unless you are building a website with the intention of selling the business, then you will want to continue to work with your CSM. Your CSM will talk with you regularly to see if anything has changed or is going to change, and they’ll have your website updated for you accordingly. They’ll talk with you about new products and services and how to have them findable when your customers of tomorrow are looking online.

The Client Solutions Manager is only a phone call or text message away and will be expecting questions like “What is SEO and how does it affect me?” or “Someone told me about Content Marketing – can you explain it to me?”. You’ll never be pulled or pushed by your CSM – they will remain your advisor and they are motivated by how long you stay with us and how well you talk about us.

I find it too complex – how can WebAdjusted help?

We get it.  You almost need a “for dummies” book just to understand what most web folk are talking about.  And how do you know who’s actually right if you can’t really understand what they’re talking about?  The difference here is that you’ll get a Client Solutions Manager (CSM) to call your very own.  Whether they are nearby and can come for coffee, or a phone call away, your CSM stops to understand you and your business, understand who your customers are and where you want your business to go.  They’ll always talk in plain English and work at your pace.  They’ll act as the translator and will be the conduit between you and the technical web team. 

How do you make it affordable for all businesses?

We’ve created a way to provide a web team for small business for a fraction of the cost – in fact from about the cost of only two hours of labour per week.  Because our team is spread across a number of businesses, so is the cost. 

Where is WebAdjusted?

Because of the nature of what we do, we can service anywhere across Australia.  The hub of us is based on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW, but we’re growing and spreading.  Because of how we do things, our Client Solutions Managers, and our technical web team, can work from home and therefore can be anywhere in Australia.  We do have a rule though – all our team is in Australia.  We don’t “off-shore” anything. 

Proud Supporters

We have a strong sense of community and we support not-for-profits and charities where we can.  All NFPs get as close to cost pricing as we can manage.  We are currently working on a considerable project to support NFPs across the country (but more on that soon).  Our intention is to take on one or two NFPs pro bono each year where possible – and we currently proudly support Tree of Dreams®.

If you are an Australian not-for-profit that needs support, please reach out.  While we can only take on one or two a year as pro bono, let us know what you need and you’ll see what we can do.