Point of Sale Systems

integrate your PoS with your online store so you manage and view sales from one system

A Point-Of-Sale System Built Specifically For Your Situation

A WebAdjusted PoS system is as individual as your business.  You know full well that your business is different to that of your competitors – why?  Because you deliberately wanted it to be different… better. So, it makes sense that your tools should be tailored to the business that you have custom built.
 Your PoS system becomes a critically important hub to your business.  You need to get the best possible result from it.

An Almost Infinite Range Of Options

Maybe you just want a PoS terminal on your front counter… or maybe you want one or more of these options…

Ability to take orders from a tablet - roaming around your restaurant or shop, or while you're working off-site


Ability to have a screen (of any size) on the wall to see all pending orders, or any part of the order process


Ability to auto-print orders to more than one thermal printer simultaneously (say to two places in a busy kitchen)


Ability to have multiple screens - one near your front counter, plus one out the back for order fulfilment.


Ability to print different parts of an order to different printers. This is handy if the order is to be fulfilled by more than one person


Ability to have multiple logins so you know exactly who is doing what... and when

A Truly Integrated Solution

An “integrated solution” means that we actually build your PoS into your Online Shop so that the two become one.

Update your product in just one place

Check your orders in just one place

Manage your outcome in just one place

Integrated – with flexibility.  Some products available online and in-store, some only online, some only in-store, special offers online or in-store or both.

Across All Industries

Hospitality, specialty retail, online only, manufacturing and production, entertainment… if you have customers, and you sell a product, it’s likely that you’ll do it better if you have a tailored, integrated system that allows you to manage and monitor your order fulfilment.

See All… Everywhere

Want to know what’s happening right now… from home… or on the road… we can give you access to whatever view you need on a digital wallboard in your home office or on your smart phone.
You’ll be able to relax knowing that, at any time, you can jump on and know exactly what is going on in your absence.

Talk With Us Today

The best way to understand which features will benefit you, is to talk with us.  Tell us about what you do, how you do it, and what your wish list looks like… and we’ll put together the perfect PoS for you. 

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