Not Just a Website

Yes, you need a website.  And your new WebAdjusted website will be attractive, easy to navigate, and very user-friendly for your customers and prospective customers.  Your new website will represent your brand as you want it represented and will evolve as your brand image evolves.

But it’s not just a website.  It’s actually the foundational cornerstone of many current and future digital pillars.  Online shops, web apps, integrated point of sale systems, customer relationship management systems, customer survey portals, even effective social plans all revolve around or are build directly on the backend of your website.

We keep our conversations with you non-technical, we develop a site that covers all your bases both now and in the future, we design a site that your customers want to return to, and we do it all with a structure that allows for surprisingly affordable maintenance and growth.


Online Shops

Your physical shop is a place where customers can walk in, see what you’ve got, and buy. Your new online shop is a place where customers can find you from the comfort of their lounge, see what you’ve got, and buy.

This is an exciting part of your business. It’s not greatly different to opening up a new shop, but where you have the potential of huge amounts of foot traffic, without the real estate costs, staff costs, or cost of additionally held product. 

While we’ll continue to talk with you in plain English without the jargon, at the backend we’ll build a safe, secure, and reliable shop where people can find and buy your products online.

We’ll use our experience to create the design for you but then as your experience and tastes change we’ll evolve the design for you as we walk your journey with you.

And if you are a numbers person we’ll build robust reporting capabilities that can also change with your experiences.

Web apps

If you have regular, repeat customers that order from their mobile – you just might be better off with a web app.  A web app behaves in many ways like a native app but without the need to download it from the app store – the user is simply prompted from your mobile website to initiate the web app features on their phone.

To create a mobile web app we take the content from your full (computer view) website and considerably alter it for mobile view.  This allows for features that can include the ability to save the web app as an icon on the mobile home screen, ability to accept push notifications, ability to access (even commence orders) while offline… and much more.

Talk with us about whether your business would benefit from a web app.

Content Marketing & SEO

If you want your website to be a customer acquisition tool, it needs to be well recognised by search engines such as Google and Bing. Regular creation of content on your website, new pages of ‘helpful information’ is an important way for the search engines to continually rank your website high.

We can create and implement a website content strategy for you, and we’ll keep evolving it as your products & services and your customers’ needs change.

Search Engine Optimisation looks at a much broader picture than just content management alone. How many people find your site, how many come and go quickly and how many stay to view other pages, how many use the ‘call to action’ – these questions and more are answered in a regular report along with recommendations on how to improve the results.

All of our websites are designed and built with SEO in mind, but it takes proper strategic management to get the results high and keep them there long-term… especially if you come up against larger corporate players that you need to compete with.

Social Media

Assessing the purpose (customer acquisition, brand awareness, advocacy etc) we set about creating and implementing a social media strategy specifically for your business. Even if you are not a personal fan of social media, you’ll find that the majority of your customers are involved with one of the larger social media channels and, more importantly, the customers you want to attract tomorrow will be on social media looking at your competitors message.

Like everything we do, we’ll remove the complexity, make it seem simple, do the heavy lifting and let you get about your normal operating rhythm.

Point of Sale Systems

An integrated Point of Sale system ties it all together for you.

See your online orders at your counter, take table orders from a tablet, never “lose” a sales receipt again, pull reporting of all your sales in one place and view everything remotely on that ellusive day off.

The right tools make any job easier – make sure your PoS system has all the functionality and flexibility to do it all for you.

Maintenance & Security

Each of your digital pillars – website, online shop, point of sale system, even the hosting is all comprised of many smaller software pieces that are melded together to give you the desired end result.  And each one of these software pieces is regularly updated.

We manage these updates so that they are least likely to even be noticed by you and we’ll test to ensure that once one piece is updated, it still melds with the others like it should.

Cyber security risk is very real for small business websites as well as large corporates and back-ups (going back some time) are vital in preparedness.  So we back up often and we keep some older copies just in case.

Keeping your digital tools safe, secure and well maintained is a function that we don’t often talk about but that we keep absolutely front of mind.

Site Analytics

Like many areas of your business – if you want to improve it, if you want to better manage it, you need to be able to measure it.

Whether your web presence is a simple online brochure, or a complex multi-faceted eCommerce solution… we know what to measure, and how to measure so that together we can work to constantly improve the end result.

While every business is different, every website is different – and the purpose of a website is very specific.  So, we don’t offer a cookie cutter type approach to site analytics – your plain english report could provide an understanding of site traffic, audience demographics, traffic source, page results comparisons, keyword effectiveness, and so much more… your solution will be as individual as your business.

And we can help with altering content either to measure (particularly important when A/B sample marketing activities are used) or as a result of the measurement.

Like everything we do – we do it with you, and with unlimited support.

Unlimited Advice, Training Support

We just don’t ever “set and forget” – we mean it when we say that we take the fabulously complex and make it surprisingly simple.  And we know that this means being with you every week, every month, whenever you need us.

We show you.  We teach you. We show you again.  We teach you again.  We never get tired of supporting you.

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