E-Commerce Training & Support Bundle


The E-Commerce Training & Support Bundle is for those serious about their online store, and want to become a subject matter expert.  While we can do it all for you, we understand that different folk will want different levels of understanding and/or actual hands-on involvement.  Or perhaps you are handing responsibility to a team member who should be brought up to speed.

On a video call (of up to an hour), with screen sharing of your online shop, an expert from our team will walk you through your nominated area of interest.  Some popular areas of interest include Creating & Editing Product; Backend Processing Of Orders; and Managing Shipping Terms – but we can tailor the session to anything you want to be able to do better.  But it doesn’t end here…

After your training session, we’ll compile full step by step instructions, based on the steps you’ve learnt on the call.  You’ll be able to either use the instructions as a reminder for yourself or for peer to peer training as you share your knowledge amongst your team.  AND we can deliver these personalised instructions via a second video call if you really want to cement things.

Key Features

  • You can choose the specific area you’d like training on
  • Video call training at a time that works for you
  • We’ll use your live site as the training ground
  • Personalised instructions written after the call, based on the call, to be used as a refresher or your own internal peer to peer training
  • Personalised instructions can be delivered via a second video call To cement your learning

Please see features and inclusions tab for more info.

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Personalised, tailored training for you on your WebAdjusted online shop or WebAdjusted point of sale system.

Because this is an important channel to market for you, it makes sense that you are comfortable with your working knowledge of the system in much the same way you have become a subject matter experts in other areas of your business.

If you are assigning parts of your web admin to a staff member, they should be trained so that they are properly efficient.  And you should be trained so that you can properly manage.

Don't waste your time sitting through videos of process examples on a demo site - get real life, specially tailored, training on your live site by one of our experts.

After your training session, we'll document the steps you've just learnt in personalised instructions for you to use as a refresher and/or for you to initiate your own peer to peer training within your business.  AND, to help cement your learnings, we are happy to deliver your new personalised instructions in another walk-through video call with you.

So long as your nominated topic is able to be covered in one training session, we'll guarantee your learning.

Cost: Only $149 (+ gst).

Excludes: Advanced SEO consultation (please see our SEO addon), full management of product updates (we can provide full training on how you can manage products updates).

  1. Personalized Training Sessions: Tailored to your specific needs and skill level, ensuring you and your team can fully leverage your website’s potential. Training on product, order and customer management.
  2. You Pick The Topic: Your time is to precious to waste – tell us exactly what you want to learn.
  3. Step By Step Written Instructions: So you are left with a refresher, or a tool for peer to peer training within your business.
  4. Video Walk-Through Of Instructions: Repetition is the root of learning for most of us.
  5. Learning Guaranteed: Rapid response to any technical challenges, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted website operation.
  6. Empowerment through Knowledge: Gain valuable skills and insights that empower you to manage and evolve your website effectively.

Ideally you have had some working exposure to your WebAdjusted online shop or WebAdjusted point of sale system – and therefore you already know where you wished you had better understanding or more efficient working.

Once you book your training package with us, we’ll communicate with you prior to make sure that what you’re hoping to cover is specific and targeted (one focal point per session) and we’ll make sure we’re confident that training should probably be covered within one session (or a second session is on us) before we book the session.  Once the topic is chosen, we’ll let you know if any preparation is required (for example, if you want to set up or change shipping terms, you’ll need to have predetermined what you want those new terms to be).