Abandoned Cart Module

$299.00 + $29 online order fee / month

Transform lost opportunities into sales with our advanced cart recovery system. Automatically track and recover abandoned shopping carts, both for registered users and guests, and re-engage customers with customized follow-up emails.

Key Features

Cart Tracking: Recovers carts for both registered users and guests.
Custom Email Follow-ups: Sends tailored emails to re-engage customers.
Integration with Mail Services: Option to have it seamlessly work with approved email marketing tools.
Customizable Timing: Defines when the first email is sent.
Coupon Inclusion: Offers the ability to send coupons in follow-up emails.

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Elevate your sales strategy with our comprehensive Abandoned Cart Management solution. This powerful tool is designed to tackle one of the most common challenges in e-commerce - abandoned shopping carts. With this add-on, you can effortlessly track and reclaim lost sales from both registered users and guests.

Customize and send persuasive follow-up emails to encourage customers to complete their purchases, integrating seamlessly with your mail marketing strategies. Define the precise time period after which a cart is considered abandoned, catering to your specific business model. Moreover, enhance your follow-up emails with enticing coupons, adding an extra incentive for customers to return.

This addon not only aids in recovering lost orders but also provides insights into customer behaviour and product preferences. Receive instant notifications as soon as an abandoned order is recovered, staying on top of every sales opportunity. Implementing this add-on is a strategic move to boost your sales figures and dramatically reduce cart abandonment rates.

Cost: An upfront fee of $299 is required for set-up and a fee of $29 is added to your monthly invoice.

  • Advanced Cart Tracking: Automatically tracks abandoned carts, capturing sales opportunities lost to cart abandonment.
  • Personalized Email Campaigns: Customizes email content to suit different customer segments for more effective engagement.
  • Email Marketing Integration: Compatible with approved mail marketing services for streamlined marketing campaigns.
  • Adjustable Abandonment Periods: Allows setting specific time intervals to define cart abandonment based on your business needs.
  • Coupon Dispatch: Enhances email follow-ups with coupons, providing a tangible incentive for customers to complete their purchases.
  • Customer Insights: Gathers data on customer behavior and product preferences, aiding in targeted marketing efforts.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Alerts the store manager instantly when an abandoned cart is recovered, ensuring prompt action.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Offers detailed insights into cart abandonment rates and recovery success, helping refine marketing strategies.
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: Works seamlessly across various devices, ensuring a consistent user experience.

The following information will be gathered at your initial scoping consultation. If you would like to have some of this information handy prior to the meeting, it will ensure a more efficient meeting.

Do you want to capture abandoned carts for registered users only or both registered and guest users?

Email Marketing
Do you want to integrate the software with an approved email marketing service? Note: an additional add-on is required – let us know if you would like to consider this option.

When would you like to trigger the first follow up email (e.g. 1 day after abandoned)?

What would you like the abandoned email to say? Is there specific wording you would like to include?

Do you want to include coupon discounts in your follow up emails?