Advanced Discounting & Coupon Module

$299.00 + $29 online order fee / month

Advanced Discounting and Coupon Module: Elevate your sales and customer engagement with dynamic pricing and advanced discount strategies. From bulk and tiered discounts to BOGO offers and user-specific promotions, this module offers a suite of tools to create compelling, tailored discounts that drive sales and customer loyalty.

Key Features

Bulk and Tiered Discounts: Offer discounts on large purchases or based on quantity tiers.
BOGO Offers: Implement Buy One Get One promotions, with customizable conditions.
User Role Discounts: Create special discounts for different user roles, like wholesale customers.
Flexible Shipping Promotions: Include free shipping based on order value or customer location.
Coupon-Activated Discounts: Simplify promotions with single coupon codes triggering multiple discounts.

This module is designed to give your WooCommerce store an edge in the competitive e-commerce landscape, providing a comprehensive solution to create and manage a wide variety of discount strategies effectively.

An upfront fee of $299 is required for set-up and a fee of $29 is added to your monthly invoice.

Our comprehensive module is the key to unlocking your store's full potential through dynamic pricing and discounts. This powerful tool allows you to create a wide array of discount strategies, catering to diverse customer needs and market trends.

Whether you're looking to implement store-wide discounts, quantity-based tiered pricing, or specific user role discounts, this module offers the flexibility and control you need. Create compelling BOGO offers, extend discounts based on product attributes, or even set up purchase history discounts to reward loyal customers.

This module not only helps increase customer acquisition rates and scales your online revenue but also enhances the shopping experience. With options for free shipping based on order totals or shipping addresses, and customizable alert messages when discounts are applied, you create a more engaging and satisfying customer journey. The module is customised to offer features based on the needs of your store.

By integrating this module, you are not just implementing a discount strategy; you are adopting a powerful tool to scale your store, boost sales, and foster lasting customer relationships.

Prerequisite: You must have (or about to acquire) an e-commerce site hosted with WebAdjusted in order to use this addon.

Cost: An upfront fee of $299 is required for set-up and a fee of $29 is added to your monthly invoice.

  • Bulk Discounts: Create store-wide or specific category/product discounts in bulk.
  • Tiered Quantity Discounts: Set up discounts based on the quantity purchased, encouraging larger orders.
  • Buy One Get One (BOGO) Offers: Flexible BOGO promotions, including conditional offers like Buy X Get Y.
  • Percentage and Fixed Cost Discounts: Options for both percentage-based and fixed cost discounts.
  • Discounts for Product Variations and Attributes: Tailor discounts to specific product variations or attributes.
  • User Role-Specific Discounts: Custom discounts based on user roles, perfect for wholesale or VIP customers.
  • Free Shipping Promotions: Conditional free shipping offers based on order value or shipping address.
  • Order Total Based Discounts: Encourage larger purchases with discounts based on the total order value.
  • Coupon-Activated Multiple Discounts: Use single coupon codes to activate various discount rules.
  • Combo Product Offers: Create discounts for purchasing combinations of products.
  • Purchase History Discounts: Reward returning customers with discounts based on their purchase history.
  • First Order Discounts: Attract new customers with special discounts on their first purchase.
  • Flexible Discount Display: Customize how discounts are displayed on product pages.
  • Cart and Checkout Alerts: Notify customers when they receive a discount, enhancing the shopping experience.
  • Category-Based Discounts: Boost sales in specific categories with targeted discounts.
  • Advanced Discount Rule Classifications: Separate product price-based and cart-based discount rules for precise control.

The following information will be gathered at your initial scoping consultation. If you would like to have some of this information handy prior to the meeting, it will ensure a more efficient meeting.

What discount offers would you like to apply?

Would you like to offer coupon discounts and under what conditions?

How often do you want to be able to add/change discount offers?