Non-Profit Charity Organization Website Package

$1,199.00 + $79 online order fee / month

A dedicated multi-page website package for non-profits and charities, featuring functionalities catered to the needs of charitable organizations.

Key Features

Responsive Design: Our websites are meticulously crafted to look stunning on all devices, ensuring a seamless user experience whether your customers are on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
Technical SEO Optimisation: With built-in SEO tools, your site is not only visually appealing but also ranks higher in search engine results, driving more organic traffic to your business.
Custom Design: Tailored to your brand’s unique style and needs, our bespoke designs ensure your website stands out in the digital landscape, reflecting your business’s individuality and professionalism.
24/7 Support: Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist you with any queries or technical needs.


Enhanced Online Credibility: A polished and professional website significantly boosts your brand’s credibility and customer trust.
Increased Engagement: With interactive features and a user-friendly layout, keep your visitors engaged longer, leading to higher conversion rates.
Scalability: As your business grows, our platform scales with you, offering additional features and functionalities to meet your evolving needs.

$1199 up front and $79 monthly hosting fee.


A dedicated multi-page website package for non-profits and charities, featuring functionalities catered to the needs of charitable organizations. See the Features and Inclusions tab to see more of the included features. If there is another feature or service, you are interested in that is not listed please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss what options are available - many of our projects incorporate bespoke customisations. Also check out the additional add-ons you may want to include (e.g. donation buttons, membership portals, intranet setup).

Cost: The cost of this product is broken into two components. An upfront fee of $1199 (+ gst) and a monthly fee of $79 (+ gst) which covers hosting and maintenance costs. The upfront fee can be paid in one instalment or split over two monthly instalments.

Duration: While the length of time it takes to build your site is dependent on how much information is needed and when it is provided, we normally like to aim for a period of 2-3 weeks to complete a multi-page website. Once the upfront payment is made, and you have had your initial scoping consultation, we will normally schedule to start your build within 2 weeks.

Process: Simply add this product to your cart and proceed to checkout. Please select a convenient date and time to book a one-on-one consultation with us. No payment is required at checkout. You will receive an invoice within 48hours. Click submit to place your order. We will set up a zoom call for your first consultation with us where we gather the information we need to build your new website. Please refer to the 'Scoping Requirements' tab for more information. During the build process, we will organise for you to review the site and provide any feedback you have before we launch your new site.

  • Supporter Sections: to highlight local businesses who are active supporters of your organisation.
  • Banner Ads: Nominate local supporting businesses to advertise on your site and recognise contributions from your local community.
  • Anti-Spam Features: “Included are advanced anti-spam tools to shield your website from unwanted spam, ensuring a clean and secure user experience.”
  • Security: “Comprehensive security protocols are included to safeguard your website from threats, ensuring data integrity and safe browsing.”
  • Maintenance and Backup: “Regular maintenance and backup services are provided, keeping your website up-to-date and your data secure at all times.”
  • Technical SEO Optimisation: “Your site comes SEO optimized to enhance search engine rankings, making your website more visible and accessible to your target audience.”
  • Responsive: “A fully responsive design ensures your website looks and functions perfectly on all devices, from desktops to smartphones.”
  • Call to Actions: “Effective call-to-action buttons are integrated to guide and encourage user interaction and conversion on your site.”
  • Contact Form: “A user-friendly contact form is included, making it easy for visitors to connect with you directly from the website.  This also protects your email address from spammers lists”
  • Click to Call: “Enjoy the convenience of a ‘Click to Call’ feature, enabling instant phone calls to your business directly from the website.”
  • Unlimited Pages: “Benefit from the flexibility of creating unlimited pages during the first 6 months, allowing you to offer detailed and extensive content about your services or products.”
  • Custom Designed: “Receive a website custom-designed to match your brand’s identity, providing a unique and personalized online presence.”
  • Slider Animations: “Dynamic slider animations are included if appropriate to enhance the visual appeal and engagement of your website.”
  • Text and Image Animations: “Incorporate engaging text and image animations to add a lively and interactive element to your site.”
  • Scalable: “Our scalable website solutions are included to support your growing business needs, ensuring your website evolves with your company.”
  • Social Media Links: “Integration of social media links is provided, enabling easy connection to your social platforms and expanding your digital reach.”
  • Support: “Comprehensive support services are included, ensuring smooth operation and prompt assistance for any website-related issues.”

The following information will be gathered at your initial scoping consultation. If you would like to have some of this information handy prior to the meeting, it will ensure a more efficient meeting.

Logo files
If you have any original logo files, this is best.

About Us Content
Think about some of the information you want to convey to your audience that describes what it is your business does and what you are about.  Think about how you might describe your business to someone you just met at a business event.

What service, features or products do you sell or offer or want to display on your website. Make a list of items you want to present and we will discuss the best way to present these.  Think particularly about how your customer will benefit from each feature of your products/services.

While we can find stock images to tell almost any story, the best option by far is for you to include photos and images specific to your business.  These can change at any time if you feel that you’d prefer a better image than you currently have.

Call to Action
What do you want visitors to do when they reach your website? Do you want them to call you? Make an appointment or enquire about your services?