Social Media Engagement Manager Opportunity at WebAdjusted

Who Is WebAdjusted?

We’re not exactly a “startup”… but we’re behaving as one. We soft launched the same month that Covid became a thing in Australia. We’ve been quietly working on our product offering and testing it in the market. And now we’re ready to go all in.

Today, we’re a website design and development business. And we create bespoke digital solutions for small to medium business. But it’s not just websites, it’s online shops (with add ons like order fulfilment integration and delivery driver app), point of sale systems (with add ons like live order wall boards, split order notification to multiple printers etc)
Tomorrow is another story altogether – but that’s as much your story as ours.

Who Is The Target?

For us, it’s a wide open market. But for you, we’ll want some pretty specific targets.

Hospitality retailers are probably the number one target. Restaurants and other food retailers.

Wholesalers/suppliers are another hot target for us. The obvious focal point would be suppliers to the retail hospitality space (like food providores, food packaging etc).

We also have two industry sector portals in build. Both brands will be standalone business units, but also a great source of prospects for the WebAdjusted product offering.

What Is The Opportunity?

We are both flexible and open. Yes, there must be serious aspirations for success, which must be realised, but we understand that to some degree we’ll have to change the mould rather than expect you to fit a predetermined mould while keeping your creativity.

What we’re saying is, that you will decide on what the opportunity should look like, and we’ll decide if that’s something that we can make fit.

But ultimately, what we want is a social media expert (or experts focussing on separate channels). Perhaps there’ll be an inclusion of content strategy for the website, perhaps it’ll be solely social media (this is dependant on your plan).

Some possible options include:
• working across all three brands, or picking one that you think you can really nail
• working across all of our focal industry segments, or picking one that you think you can really nail
• negotiating a set wage
• negotiating a revenue share model instead of a set wage
• us writing the plan, with goals and strategies to be implemented
• you writing the plan with goals and strategies to be implemented
• negotiating a fixed budget for advertising spend
• negotiating a percentage of revenue for advertising spend

How To Apply

Because we’re looking for you to be the expert, and to guide our social media campaigns, it makes sense that you’ll also manage our expectations of results. And if you’re going to be managing our expectations, you can lead with this – to apply, prepare a proposal of what you’ll achieve, how you’ll achieve it, and why you feel that you are up to the task (this bit will be in place of a resume with skills and experience).

Don’t know enough to prepare a proposal? Contact us for a video call info session where you can ask all you feel you need to know (as a hint, we’ll also be gauging where you might be coming from, based on the questions you’re asking).

The following steps are our suggestion. Follow all of these steps, some of these steps, or go a completely different route… but at the end of the process we should see you as a credible, knowledgeable, social media marketer with good, open, comfortable communication (with us).

Our suggested steps are…
• pull together a list of the finer detail, and pose them as questions for us
• contact us to organise a video call so you can ask us what you need to know (obviously there may be some topics that are commercial in confidence – but we’re pretty open)
• decide on what you feel you can do, and how you plan to do it, and present that in a proposal type document (doesn’t have to be perfect – this is not a document writers position)
• include why you feel you can achieve what you’re proposing (in which case you wouldn’t need a separate resume)
• and send it to us with a request to meet by video call to discuss.

Yes, we know that’s probably pretty different from other roles you’ve been finding… but our hope is that you are pretty different.

You can reach out for more information, or a call-back, via this contact form below…

Ask a question or request a callback

Ready to pitch yourself?

Use the above form “Ask a question or request a callback” if you are wanting to know more. If you feel you know enough about us, and what we want, and you’re ready to pitch yourself, you can email us your proposal (if you don’t already have it, contact us on the above form to get our email address) or you can use the following form to tell us about yourself and how you think you might fit well.

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