Licensed Sales Agent – Hospitality Opportunity at WebAdjusted

Who Is WebAdjusted?

We’re not exactly a “startup”… but we’re behaving as one. We soft launched the same month that Covid became a thing in Australia. We’ve been quietly working on our product offering and testing it in the market. And now we’re ready to go all in.

We’re a website design and development business. And we create bespoke digital solutions for small to medium business. But it’s not just websites, it’s online shops (with add ons like order fulfilment integration and delivery driver apps), point of sale systems (with add ons like live order wall-boards, split order notifications to multiple printers etc).

Who Is Your Target?

For us, it’s a wide open market. But for you, we’ll want some pretty specific targets. Hospitality retailers are a top priority for us: restaurants and other food retailers. We’re very confident of our product offering and how it’s being received by hospitality retailers.

Wholesalers/suppliers are another priority for us. The obvious focal point would be suppliers to the retail hospitality space (like food providores, food packaging etc). But while hospitality retailers and wholesalers are most prominently on our radar, if you have solid industry experience in another segment, please also talk with us.

In addition to website sales, we also have an industry sector portal currently in build. While it will be a standalone business unit, there’ll be a revenue stream available here for you, and there will be cross-pollination between the WebAdjusted digital solutions, and the new industry portal… hospitality retailers and wholesalers will be interested in both.

What Is The Opportunity?

We are both flexible and open. Yes, there must be serious aspirations for success, which must be realised, but we understand that to some degree we’ll have to change the mould rather than expect you to fit a predetermined mould while keeping your creativity.

What we’re saying is, that you will decide on what the opportunity should look like, and we’ll decide if that’s something that we can make fit.

But ultimately, what we want is a conversational expert (salesperson). But how our relationship looks will be largely lead by you.

Some possible options include:

  • A focus on hospitality retail (restaurants, takeaways, cafes etc)
  • A focus on hospitality wholesalers (providers, packaging, appliances etc)
  • A focus across both hospitality wholesale and hospitality retail
  • A narrow geographic area so you can go out and meet with your prospects
  • A larger regional or state patch where you’ll manage via call and email
  • Work with our social media person to help flush out leads
  • Work entirely autonomously meeting people in your own time and own way
  • You might want full time, or you might want part time hours

Some things we know will happen:

  • You’ll get ongoing revenue share of all revenue in your portfolio, as long as our agreement is in place
  • You’ll set your own hours and manage your own calendar
  • Even calls/meetings with us will be based on your calendar
  • You won’t be restricted to representing only our product (so long as there’s no conflict of interest)
  • We’ll agree on the action plan, and we’ll review the results together – but mostly the goals will be set by you
  • There are no required uniforms, but some will be available for you to order if you’d prefer it
  • As an independent contractor role, you’ll bring your own tools, while we’ll provide the software

We’ll help you develop

While coaching and development of sales skills isn’t a mandatory requirement of the role, it is on offer. Most people in sales recognise that the skills they use are tools that required constant honing. In every instance, in over 30 years developing salespeople, the one common thread I’ve found amongst the top 20% is that they are constantly looking to sharpen their skills and will look for quality coaching whenever it’s available to them.

Using the What Went Well, Even Better If model, you’ll come away from every coaching opportunity knowing what went well so you can replicate it, and one thing to polish for next time. You’ll get growth and development without feeling overwhelmed.

How To Apply

Ok, so this is a little different to applying for a standard employee type role. Given you’ll be starting (or expanding on) your own business, you’ll need to communicate with us as confident and mature.

There are two webforms below…

  1. A short form that you can use if you want to ask a simple question, request our email address to apply, or request a callback if you’d like to ask us some more questions to determine if/how you’ll apply.
  2. A longer form – you can choose to use this to help guide you through what we’re after – completing this form will essentially give us your full application. We’d probably suggest you skim across it even if you don’t use it.

Ask a question or request a callback

Ready to pitch yourself?

Use the above form “Ask a question or request a callback” if you are wanting to know more. If you feel you know enough about us, and what we want, and you’re ready to pitch yourself, you can email us your proposal (if you don’t already have it, contact us on the above form to get our email address) or you can use the following form to tell us about yourself and how you think you might fit well.

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