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Us, in a nutshell.

We are a growing business with very serious ambitions.  We see a significant disadvantage for small business when it comes to web presence and cloud applications – and we believe that we can not only help overcome this disadvantage but do so in a way that also removes the complexity and fear that often accompany technological advancements for small business owners.


Our Structure.

Our structure, along with our systems and processes, are set up to allow for considerable growth across Australia while never compromising on the level of service we offer our clients.


We are three teams.

The Support Team includes the Managing directors and will spread to include various admin and other support team members such as HR & Finance roles.  These are specific roles that we’re likely to deliberately recruit for.

Sales & Marketing including independent Licensed Sales Agents, small business people in their own right, with portfolios specialising in specific market segments &/or geographic areas.  Social Media Engagement Managers – with focus on specific channels &/or market segment.  And Content Writers.  We are remarkably flexible when it comes to our Sales & Marketing team – while we will, from time to time, go to market with a specific recruitment goal, we’re open to conversations with anyone believing in their skill set and the value they can bring, and who believe that they align with what we are doing.

Production including Web Admins, and Developers with PHP, MySQL &/or CSS skills.  While we simply like to keep the team, as much as possible, here in Australia, we find ourselves at times partnering with an overseas developer that already has a wheel we shouldn’t reinvent.  Again, we’ll from time to time recruit for a specific role, but ultimately we are flexible in who we talk with.  If you believe that you have skills that might be of interest to us, and we believe that we align, we can consider putting you on the reserve list to integrate you into projects when the opportunity arises.


Our Future

Australia has never had more small businesses and the number of new start-ups is unprecedented.

There will now always be an absolute need for most small businesses to be online.

Because our aim is to provide a managed web presence for small business, develop custom applications, create easy to use cloud storage and partner with developers with existing b2b products, and we believe we can do it in a way that means small business owners will trust us and rely on us, our future will potentially see us cover all of Australia.


Our Values

Whether as an employee, a licensee, a contractor or a partner, we will always be insistent that the entire team live to our values.


The WebAdjusted Team Values are

  • Warmth – creating an environment of encouragement and belonging
  • Honesty – authentic in all our communications
  • Being Present – seeking first to understand
  • Quality – proudly being judged by the work we complete
  • Innovation – finding better, newer and simpler ways to grow
  • Reliability – doing what we say we will, on time


Current opportunities within the WebAdjusted Team are…


Social Media Engagement Manager/s

While social media hasn’t, in the past, been at the fore of our own business development, the ambitious growth we’re about to embark on will require our name becoming better known.  The product itself can be purchased online, Licensed Sales Agents could be aided by campaigns in their area, and even the the Licensed Sales Agents can be sourced by social media promotion.

Again, we’re very flexible and we’re happy to hear from those wanting steady employment, and those wanting the flexibility and potential of a revenue share model.  If you are an expert in a particular social channel, talk with us about it.  If you are an expert in a particular market segment, talk with us about it.

Read more about what we’re looking for, and help with the application process, by clicking on this internal link –


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