It’s 2024!

It’s time your hospitality
business got WebAdjusted


Streamline your processes, own and use your customer data, focus on customer acquisition, increase customer spend, manage from anywhere, improve the saleable value of your business

In a Nutshell

Restaurant Website and Online Ordering System

Looking to take your business to the next level?

WebAdjusted is here to help! In a nutshell, our platform provides a website and online ordering system with seamless integration to an online point of sale system. Optimised for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, ensuring a stress-free experience for both you and your customers.

We also offer an integrated Delivery Driver App, allowing you to efficiently manage your deliveries on the go. Plus, you get unlimited training and support, comprehensive reporting and analytics (sales and web traffic), and most importantly, you own all of your order information. Say goodbye to third-party providers who own your customer information and order details.

We are passionate about empowering restaurant owners with the tools to succeed, which is why we can also offer a no-commitment, no-risk model. We provde a platform that puts you in control of your business.

Ready to elevate your restaurant game?

Check out some of the other features you can get below or call us today to talk with us about your business (you will talk with someone here in Australia because that’s where we are).


What You Get

When you get WebAdjusted, you get all the bells and whistles – but you can also take your time and ease into it.  We can start with the basics, and add the following modules when/if they suit you… or we can go at it from the jump and build all of the relevant modules from the get go.

The modules to choose from are…

Control Center

A control center that allows you to see everything, even remotely.


A point of sale system that can include multiple printers and/or a kitchen wallboard.

Table Ordering

A point of sale system with tablet ordering at the table.

Bespoke Website

A bespoke website on your own domain.

Online Shop

An online shop – no competitors on your site and access to your customer data.

Highlight Specials

Highlight your specials and make ordering easy. 

Custom Service Areas

Nominate your service areas by suburb or postcode.

Delivery Driver App

A delivery driver app to help the driver and give you visibility.

Product Updates

You can update and edit your own products or we’ll do it for you.

Mobile Friendly

Optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Reporting and Analytics

We provide you with sales and web traffic reporting, analytics and suggestions. 

Unlimited Training & Support

You receive unlimited training and support. 

Delivery Section

Pick Up or Delivery

Add Delivery Options to Your Site

Talk to us about what we can do so you can offer pick up or delivery options on your site. Add delivery fees based on location or offer free delivery under conditions.

Delivery for Suburbs

Set the suburbs that you delivery to and specific dates and times that you want to use for delivery.

Control Delivery Capacity

You can easily manage deliveries and set a maximum amount of deliveries per time slot. 

Delivery Driver Management

We can set you up so you can assign delivery drivers. They can access their deliveries via a dedicated app. You can give anyone a username and password that turns their smartphone into your delivery system. They can see jobs that you allocate to them, and you can see exactly when they complete a delivery – and of course there is some flexibility about delivery proof (such as photos) if you feel you need it.


Ask us how we can organise notifications to you, the delivery driver and/or your customers when you delivery their meals.

flexible pricing models

No Commitment – No Risk

A business decision like this comes down to a return on investment analysis. Are you better off financially for implementing this system or deoes it increase your sales, or does it decrease your expenditure? The answer in theis case is all three.

Easy Online sales, promotion of your specials to your customers, and table ordering you can add to with suggestive selling.

More Info

Do you have an example I can look at?

Yes, click here to see an example home page that is included in the site. You can also demo adding items to your cart and selecting a delivery date and time from the checkout page. If you want to see what the admin side of things looks like, then give us a call so we can arrange a time to show you around.

I want to talk to someone

We have our people based locally on the Central Coast and Sydney so if you are in these areas, we can come and have a cup of coffee with you and answer any of your questions. We can also jump on the phone or a zoom call. 

What if I want something different?

That’s no problem at all. Let us talk to you about what’s on offer and if you want something custom built, we can do that as well. 

How do I see orders and manage drivers?

Contact us to arrange a demonstration of the admin area of the site. Here you will see how you can manage orders, deliveries and drivers, add and edit products.

How much is this going to cost me?

We offer flexible pricing models based on you and your business needs. Our no-commitment, no-risk model is one option that doesn’t lock you into a contract and is a lot less than you would pay for a competitor product. 

Call or Message

Contact Us

Our “HQ” is on the NSW Central Coast but we are growing our network of agents across the country. 

Feel free to give us a call on 1300 667 426.

Otherwise you can fill out the form below and we will get back to you within business hours.